Inventories are important! Tenant Disputes & Arbitration... Whether you’re a private landlord or an established letting agency, if you are taking tenant deposits then you should be taking good inventories. The reason? Quite simply, the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. Introduced at the beginning of 1997 the scheme makes landlords legally bound to place deposits in a government approved scheme. If there is a dispute with your tenant then it’s critical that a good inventory is in place.  At Inventory Guardian our inventory clerks recognise the importance of your inventory, and as a company that’s our sole focus. We don’t do anything else. Your deposit is your primary safeguard against damage to your property. Having an independently produced inventory provides a future evidence base required for both landlords and tenants in the event of a dispute. Arbitration is handled through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and it is critical that you understand, as a landlord, that ADR is (1) an evidence-based system (2) has no right of appeal. In the event of dispute over damage your inventory becomes the main reference document. So remember... disclaimer | privacy | terms & conditions Highfield House, Scrations Lane, Lostwithiel, Cornwall PL22 0DP  t: 07920 520 196  e: If you take a deposit you need to be in a government approved scheme, a process that can seem biased in favour of your tenant Once in the scheme you need to be protected against any future disputes with your tenant The best way to protect your deposit money is to have reliable, documented  evidence, produced by an independent trained inventory clerk We can provide a comprehensive inventory, one that can be seen to be impartial and fair To book your inventory call us now on 07920 520 196 ticking the right boxes | Home | | | | Inventory Visits Landlords Check In/Out Letting Agents | Follow Us On Twitter Holiday Lets | Prices